Katie Melua

The deepest concert was performed by Katie Melua (UK) and her band at 303 m (994 ft) below sea level, on Statoil's Troll A gas rig, off the coast of Bergen, Norway on 1 October 2006. Ms Melua performed two 30-minute concerts to an audience of 20 oilrig workers, each of whom had won a ticket to see the performance.

“The second album was like being on a completely different planet compared to when we were making the first album. ... Even though it was the same musicians, the same artist, the same studio, the same producer, - it felt like a completely different piece of a puzzle.”

"I love walking out on stage and connecting with my band and the audience, there's nothing like it".

"I want to be able to associate with everybody and you need that for song writing and to gain inspiration."

"I like music because... it transcends language barriers and cultural barriers. Everyone can understand it and everyone can experience it. You don't have to be anything particular to enjoy it".

"I don't know what's next. I know that it'll be obviously different, but I haven't thought about it yet I want to concentrate on getting this album (Pictures) out and performing it. my head is still with this album."

"I'm a huge horror film fan." "I have to say I hate the 80s."

“The Brits was an amazing place to get a broad musical education. But I never really thought I was going to be a singer because there was always someone better than me in my class.”

Katie’s prize for winning a TV talent contest was a bedroom makeover and an arm chair for her father.

Katie was named Britain’s highest grossing female recording artist in 2006.

Katie made her acting debut in the Grindhouse double feature Planet Terror in 2007.