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Blog 03.12.2009

December 3rd, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I'm such a poor 21st century candidate, I haven't done a blog, a tweet or even taken a picture of my pet dog for anyone that might be interested. Please accept my apologies. I know I need to catch up on a few things. First of all thank you for all my birthday cards and wishes back in September. I received and read them all and I was so touched by the effort and time you put into them.

Since September, things have been pretty crazy leading up to the studio time and it's now been two weeks since we started recording. It’s been suggested that I take small snaps of pictures while we're in the studio- (as William does) - as a way of staying in touch. I think I'll try it. Otherwise it's so easy to go underground and stay hidden in the recordings. For some reason the studio we're in and the way the control room and the live room are set out really remind me of the Star Trek Enterprise Star ships. I keep picturing us flying through space and time!

I don't want to talk too much about the album as you'll hear it soon enough but one thing I'm working on at the moment is a song which has so many words but no breathing space and I am totally adamant not to cheat with protools so just now I've been practising getting my lung capacity to be bigger and get through a whole verse with just one breath. I'm not too far, there are ten lines and I can do seven so far. I'll let you know how I manage!

Ironically I had a small incident with air supply last Saturday. Mike (@Mike_Batt) tweeted about me nearly drowning. I told him about my little "episode" the other day in the studio cafe, when he came to visit and see how it was all going. The incident was all my own fault. What kind of nutter goes scuba diving in December in a lake near Heathrow airport? I did! You see, I'm really keen to get my drysuit diving qualification done. For those of you who don’t know about diving - people usually dive with a wet suit, which is just like skin. It keeps you warm but you get wet. With a dry suit you stay totally dry, and they're useful in extreme cold waters. I want to qualify as a drysuit diver so I can fulfil my longtime wish of diving in the Arctic or Circle and see penguins, whales and ice!

So there I was last weekend shlugging my airtank, BCD and the heaviest rubber suit you've ever seen! One thing I forgot to mention is that your neck is where the drysuit ends so it has to be super tight round you neck. My neck was so small they had to add a rubber band round the opening to make it extra tight! Getting to the water was both ecstatic because the gear becomes much lighter, and horrifying cause the water is 7 degrees. We swam out to the middle of the lake and when we first descended I was shocked by the icy water hitting my head; it felt like the North Pole in my brain. We reached the bottom which was luckily only 15 meters down.

Once there, we were practising standard procedure, taking out the regulator from your mouth (your air supply) and replacing it. I don't know what happened, I think I was stressed by the cold, the tight rubber ring round my throat plus the visibility was very poor - the water was pitch black - so I wasn't concentrating. When I tried to replace my regulator I didn't do it properly, so I breathed in and choked on a lungful of water. I tried to stay calm and clear the regulator but I kept choking on water. Because of the pressure, the force and speed at which the water invaded my mouth was such a shock. I did start to panic, especially as you can't go to the surface because of the bends. It was the first time (out of 40 or so dives that I've done) that I had to pull the "out of air" hand signal. Luckily my teacher was right there helping me through my sorry state of horror. She replaced the regulator in my mouth and I managed to summon up the strength to breathe out any tiny bubbles of air to clear the water out of the regulator and when I next inhaled I finally had some air! Looking back at it now I was such an idiot! There's a button on the regulator that clears the water and it's probably what my teacher used to help me, as well as having it properly in my mouth. I really hope this hasn't put anyone off diving, it's still one of my favourite things in the world to do and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Hope you are well, wherever you are. I’ll try to get some pics and more frequent blogs going from now on!

The new album is scheduled for next May, so we have a busy time ahead.

All the best,


01.12.2009 -Concert à Stuttgart-

Petite séance de rattrapage, vous pouvez retrouver sur le site officiel de Katie Melua l'intégralité de son concert au Stuttgart Jazz Open qui a eu lieu cet été. Pour assister au concert, c'est par ici.

01.12.2009 -Nouvel album en préparation-

Comme vous pouvez le lire dans son dernier blog, Katie Melua est actuellement en train d'enregistrer son 4ème album studio. Elle travaille notamment avec William Orbit. Il faudra encore patienter un peu, la sortie de ce nouvel album est prévue en Mai 2010. Il y aura très certainement une tournée Européenne pour promouvoir l'album.

01.12.2009 -Katie Melua dans Les Sims-

Dans le prochain add-on du célèbre jeu vidéo "Les Sims", il sera possible d'entendre le titre de Katie Melua "If the light go out". Cependant cet add-on "Sims 3 World Adventures" proposera une version un peu différente... en "langue Sims"...

22.10.2009 -Kid Harpoon et Katie Melua-

Katie melua et Kid Harpoon ont enregistré une nouvelle version de "Once"; titre de Kid Harpoon. Pour écouter un extrait, regarder cette page (et lancer le lecteur multimedia sur la droite, side B ). Pour plus d'informations sur Kid Harpoon vous pouvez vous rendre sur son site.

20.09.2009 -Visite au Pays Bas-

Katie Melua s'est rendue au Pays Bas pour assister au Baptême du fils du Prince Pieter Christian et de la Princesse Anita. En effet, Katie Melua est une amie du couple royale. Elle a d'ailleurs interprété "Thank You Stars" durant la cérémonie.

Vous trouverez ici un lien vers une video sur le site rtl.nl où vous pourrez voir les invités de la cérémonie dont Katie Melua...

Katie Melua en Modèle 22.08.2009

A l'occasion de la sortie du catalogue Hiver 2009/2010 des cachemires de la Maison Bompard,
la Maison Française Bompard a dévoilé sa nouvelle égérie Katie Melua, photographiée par le mondialement connu Vincent Peters.

Katie Melua a été choisie pour cette campagne car elle personnifie l'engagement de la marque pour un style raffiné et simple et un design jeune. La séance photos s'est déroulé à King’s Road et Westminster Bridge.

La Maison Eric Bompard a été créée en 1985 et possède 35 magasins dans le monde, dont 10 boutiques à Paris.

La Collection sera lancée dans les boutiques et sur son site internet www.eric-bompard.com le lundi 24 Août.

Retrouvez la video du making of ici
et retrouvez la sélection de Katie Melua sur le site de la Maison Bompard.

Blog 29.07.2009

July 29th, 2009

We finally went to Georgia. I played my first solo shows there - it wasover so quickly I didn't even get a chance to swim in the Black Sea oreat corn on the cob on the beach!

I've spent most my life in England trying to describe Georgia, andreally if I could use one word it would have to be that Georgia isdramatic! The people are very dramatic, aided by the gutteral language,which always makes me sound like I'm having a world war 3 argument withmy mum on the phone, when in fact we might be discussing dinner plans!

I knew this trip was going to be dramatic when our plane was followed bythe most exotic thunder storm which I could see in the distance. Welanded in Tbilisi at 4am, and even at that time of night we wereembraced by the warm air. The band went off to their hotel and I wentto spend the night at my grandparents. The street I grew up on used tobe a quiet, tree lined street, now my grandparents place is the only onestorey house left.

I was delirious and delighted to see them, so after a quick cup of tea Iwas sent to bed by my fussing gran to make sure I got enough rest forthe next day. In the morning the worst thing happened. I've beenwaiting to do this gig for five years and I wake up with a tickle in mythroat, I tell myself it's just a bit of nerves and I'll be fine by the evening.

The day passed in a crazy cocktail of press conference, proud andanxious relatives, other Georgians claiming to be relatives, and a tripto see the Minister of Culture after the soundcheck. When it finally came to show time I couldn't believe I was there, in the grand,beautiful Opera House. During the set I sang a couple of Georgian songswhich went down really well. From the stage I could see my firstsinging teacher from when I was seven. We played a great gig and afterthe show we got on our bus to drive to the seaside town of Batumi.Halfway through the drive I looked around me and saw that most of theband and crew had white faces and big eyes staring at the road. I remember that the rules of driving in Georgia are somewhat different toEurope, there's no fear of overtaking on a one lane road - whether it'sa corner or a cliff - no fear even without street lamps on a pitch blacknight, in fact no fear at all!

As expected we arrived safe and sound after seven hours (my uncle hasdone it in five in the past).

The gig in Batumi went really well too, we had a small issue of live electricity on stage and I was told not to touch anything but no one gotelectrocuted - and despite the electric thunder storm at an outside gig8000 people showed up! If I can talk the band into it I'd love to go back and play there again. Sadly the two gigs in Georgia completely knackered my voice out and thenext morning I woke up with no voice at all. This was why we had tocancel the gig in Mainz, I am so sorry for those of you who boughttickets and were looking forward to the gig, there was just no way thatI could sing. So on doctors orders we decided to pull the show. I hate canceling gigs and I hope to be back in the future.

All the best

Katie x

Dates de Concerts 26.7.09

29.7.09 Norway Langesund Wrightegaarden
30.7.09 Norway Borggarden Trondheim
31.7.09 Norway Keiservarden Nordland Musikkfestuke
2.8.09 Denmark Sønderborg Mølleparken

Blog de Katie Melua 15.7.09

July 15th, 2009

It feels eerie to be in the same hotel in Arhus Denmark as I was last summer when I found out about Georgia being invaded and my mum and brother getting stuck there during the war while on holiday. It's even stranger that I'm going to Georgia next week to play my first gig. I am so excited, I've been trying to play in my home country for so long but because of relative instability and the logistics, it's made it difficult to organize. But now finally after much convincing the gig is on and I'm going with the whole band and crew. They'll finally get to try Georgian Hachapuri ( a delicious hot cheese/ bread thing) which I've been going on about for so long.

I can't believe that my Gran is finally going to see me live! She was the first one who told me to sing from the heart (it doesn't sound so corny in Georgian!) and when I go there every summer she'd get me to play her mini concerts in the kitchen. This is because she's totally petrified of flying and thinks there's a curse on her, so unlike all the other relatives who have visited England she's never been able to fly and come to a gig. But next week we're bringing the gig to Tbilisi and Batumi, the towns I spent my childhood in.

All the money raised is going to go to the Iavnana foundation, whose mission is to give shelter to orphans and children deprived of parental care. If you wanna find out more about the foundation please visit their website here.

I'm gonna go now and try to remember the words to a few Georgian tunes that I'll be performing there.

Take care

Katie x

Katie sur Better TV (USA) 17.6.09

Interview et répétition de Katie Melua à New York seront diffusés le 19 Juin sur Better TV Plus d'informations ici

12.5.09 Live At The O2 Arena

Vous pouvez visionner ici le spot publicitaire du Live at O2 de Katie Melua.

5.5.09 Katie Melua Live At The O2 Arena - Nouvel Album!

Live at the O2 Arena’ was recorded on 8th November 2008 during Katie Melua’s 'Pictures' world tour. In a live review of the concert The Times wrote “her voice was rarely short of astounding” and this live recording leaves the listener in no doubt as to what a unique and extraordinarily perfect voice Katie has.

Katie opened the concert, with just her electric guitar for accompaniment, singing ‘Piece By Piece’ - the title track of her second album - and ‘Lilac Wine’ before taking a seat at the grand piano to play the Georgian folk song ‘Yellow Leaves’ (or Qviteli Potlebi).

The concert was a celebration of the remarkable success that Katie has enjoyed since the release of ‘Call Off The Search’ in 2003. Joined by her 6 piece band Katie weaved her way through her three multi-platinum selling albums including her debut single ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’, the international hit single ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ and the more recent singles from her third album ‘Pictures’.

After a mesmerising cover of Janis Joplin’s ‘Kosmic Blues’ Katie closed the show as she began, unaccompanied, to sing the heartbreaking ‘I Cried For You’. Tracklisting:

1. Piece by Piece
2. Lilac Wine
3. Yellow Leaves
4. My Aphrodisiac Is You
5. Crawling Up A Hill
6. Mary Pickford
7. Blues In The Night
8. I You Were A Sailboat
9. Ghost Town
10. Perfect Circle
11. Spiders Web
12. Toy Collection
13. Scary Films
14. Mockingbird Song
15. The Closest Thing To Crazy
16. Nine Million Bicycles
17. On The Road Again
18. Kosmic Blues
19. I Cried For You

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